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Global Payment Solution

Global Payments Solutions

AscendantFX’s dedicated Payment Experts, along with our customized solutions, streamline your payment process and become an extension of your team.

As a decision maker at your organization a main concern is ensuring that your bottom line is not compromised by waste. At AscendantFX we are able to offer our customers competitive and consistent pricing without sacrificing service.

Simplify international payments

Simplify international payments

Save time and energy by working on one platform and omit manual re-entry of information through a variety of integration options.

Meet the Deadlines

Meet Deadlines

Send payments and know exactly when your funds will reach their destination, thanks to your dedicated account manager.

Gain Unmatched Support Always

Gain Unmatched Support. Always

Your Dedicated Account Manager understands your payment needs and proactively follows the market regularly and to provide you with real-time payment and market updates

Avoid Costly error
Avoid Costly Errors

Avoid Costly Errors

Be at ease knowing that our online system can check your payment details immediately and our experienced international payments team reviews each transaction.

Get Real Transparency on Every Transaction

Get Real Transparency on Every Transaction

Predict ahead of time how much each transaction will cost and keep your beneficiaries happy by sending out automated alerts with transmittal dates and amounts.

Keep Your Company Safe

Keep Your Company Safe

Know that we have 100 years of compliance and treasury experience keeping your money and business safe and secure.

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