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AscendantFX Launches SchedulePay, a New International Payments Tool for Businesses to Schedule Payments in Advance

SchedulePay saves organizations time by enabling quick and easy B2B and B2C payment processing for payments at a future date.

Resources & Press

AscendantFX Proudly Co-Sponsored the Fédération des Tonneliers de France (French coopers) Congress, Held in the United States for the First Time

 It was the first time the Congress was held outside of France in order to acknowledge and pay tribute to the American partnerships that are essential to their success in the export barrel market, and to show gratitude to local clients in the United States.


AscendantFX CBC Radio One

Our Senior FX Dealer, Tony Valente, recently spoke with CBC Radio One regarding the latest interest rate decision as well as monetary policy report.


AscendantFX connects with Fiserv to enhance customer-centric international payments capabilities for financial institutions

New integration puts customer needs first when it comes to international payments.



AscendantFX Announces Express Check Solution For Items Drawn on Canadian Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can now achieve wide range of cost savings and efficiencies

Resources & Press

AscendantFX Makes The Case for Wire Transfer

CEO Jason Mugford is featured in, where he talked about the opportunities in wire transfer.


AscendantFX launches the world’s first B2B payment mobile app for IOS and Android

APay Mobile lets you manage, approve and make payments right in your hand. Anytime and Anywhere.



Making the Impossible Possible Through Partnerships

Dan Caputo, AFX Vice President of Global Payment Solutions, discusses how building partnerships with FinTech companies and third-party service providers can allow credit unions to offer more innovative products and services.


Reduce Your Risk of Financial Fraud                                   

Canadian Business


Digital Disruption

What the franchise industry can take away from the food delivery app wars - by Victor Hinojosa, VP of Partnerships


Four Disruptive Payment Trends to Watch 

Our CEO Jason Mugford writes about the most disruptive payment trends to watch for in the Payments Business Magazine 


How Financial Institution Can Play to their Strengths by Collaborating with Fintechs

Our VP Global Payment Solutions, Dan Caputo discusses the power of collaboration between financial institutions and fintech companies with Payments Journal.


Partnerships Promote Better Service - Bank, Fintech and Core Combines to provide enhanced Client Experience

Our VP Global Payment Solutions, Dan Caputo was featured in Wisconsin Banker where he talked about the benefit of partnerships.



Mobility™ - Magazine of Worldwide ERC®

How to Control Cost through Customer-centric Payroll solutions. Technology and processes that provide procedural efficiency and employee confidence.  By Mike Shamburg, VP Global Payment Solutions. 


Compliance Clears the Road for Business 

This column is part of the Globe Careers' Leadership Lab Series


A Former Mountie's War on Bank Fraud

Global Banking and Finance



Processing International Items Through the Lockbox Provisional Credit Vs. Final Collection (White Paper)

What's the best way to clear checks for your customers that can help manage the risks for both of you


Sending International Wire or ACH 

Advise your client on which electronic payment is the best option for their needs

Latest Blog Posts

weekly dispatch mar 30

Weekly Dispatch - March 30, 2020

"Bazooka Joe"

Bazooka (n; a short-range anti-tank rocket launcher)

Last week, the preferred metaphor of the financial media was “bazooka”. Although it was overused, it accurately described the actions of governments and central banks in dealing with the economic fallout of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Let’s take a brief look at what our betters were up to... Read more

COVID-19: Our Message to You

COVID-19 Update

As a payments provider, AscendantFX is considered an "essential" service, and therefore is not required to close. However, we have decided to move all operations to remote/work-from-home structure for the foreseeable future.  Read more

COVID-19: Our Message to You

COVID-19: Our Message to You

To our valued clients and partners:

As we are sure you are aware, the United States and Canada have been increasing social distancing and self-isolation measures in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19.. Read more

weekly-dispatch-march 9

Weekly Dispatch - March 9, 2020

"More Than Words"

Last Friday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell issued a rare unscheduled statement while the markets were still open.. Read more

weekly-dispatch- march 2

Weekly Dispatch - March 2, 2020

"Hitting the Panic Button"

Last week saw a classic herd response in the capital markets, with players selling everything in sight and seeking the safety of treasury bonds or other fixed-income instruments. Risk off would be a suitable description. This was indeed a massive move, sparked by growing (and, to a degree, irrational) fears of COVID-19, a.k.a. coronavirus.... Read more


Weekly Dispatch - February 24, 2020

"Supply Chain Contagion"

Two weeks ago, we discussed how the market was struggling to price in what's happening with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, since the knock-on effects were still unknown.. Read more


Weekly Dispatch - February 18, 2020

"The First Casualty"

Last week witnessed a slew of secondary economic releases in America, along with some Fedspeak from Fed chair Jay Powell, a complete lack of Canadian news (other than the ongoing rail blockades and traffic disruptions), and uncertainty about the coronavirus outbreak, now officially named COVID-19.  Let’s sort it out and see what we can learn.... Read more


Weekly Dispatch - February 10, 2020

"Coronavirus Fallout"

There’s an old saying: “shoot first and ask questions later”. In other words, act swiftly even without enough knowledge to know if it’s the right thing to do. This is exactly what is happening in the currency markets right now.. Read more


Weekly Dispatch - February 3, 2020

"Known Unknowns & C."

Donald Rumsfeld, the erstwhile secretary of defense in the George W. Bush administration, famously remarked about ‘known knowns’, ‘known unknowns’ and ‘unknown unknowns’. While this statement was widely ridiculed at the time, it was actually a rather clever observation, quite applicable to the current uncertainty plaguing national governments and global markets.... Read more

weekly dispatch - Jan 27

Weekly Dispatch - January 27, 2020

"Thermonuclear Pandemic"

Some scientists are calling it a “thermonuclear pandemic” (quite a terrifying piece of vocabulary in today’s hyper-connected world), but it remains to be seen if the new coronavirus will live up to the name.  Read more

weekly-dispatchJan 20

Weekly Dispatch - January 20, 2020

"False Front?"

The past week witnessed numerous positive economic developments and a slew of upbeat numbers in the US. However, lurking behind the happy-faced news are some troubling indicators: some obvious, others not so plain. Let’s take a closer look, shall we... Read more


Cyber-Crime Blog Series

"Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Tech Support Fraud"

We trust that Tech Support will save us [...] Sadly, this kind of blind trust is the perfect tool for con artists. Read more

weekly-dispatch-Dec 16

Weekly Dispatch - December 16, 2019

"Done, Done, and (kinda) Done"

Last week witnessed a veritable housecleaning of sorts, with some major nagging issues resolved (or at least moving forward). Let’s take a look, shall we... Read more

weekly dispatch dec 9 2019

Weekly Dispatch - December 9, 2019

"Of Engines and Trains"

In light of strong US employment numbers released last Friday, and what appears to be mixed signals elsewhere in the global economy, the railway train metaphor seems apt. Let’s take a closer look, starting with the True North... Read more


Weekly Dispatch - November 25, 2019

"Good Cop Bad Cop"

The yen was the best performing currency on the week as a result of safe-haven flows as equity markets continued their downward trend. Despite gains on Friday, both the S&P 500 and the DJ Stoxx 600 ended their 6-week winning streaks... Read more


Cyber-Crime Blog Series

"Ransomware: Don't Be Held Hostage"

Cyber-crime is criminal activity carried out using the internet, computers, or mobile devices. It is a major threat to businesses and individuals, and involves fraudsters or hackers unlawfully accessing confidential data or program files for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining money through coercion... Read more

weekly-dispatch-nov 18

Weekly Dispatch - November 18, 2019


Following the strong rally in stocks and the USD the week before last, a correction was doubtless to be expected. That correction occurred last week as bond yields fell and the greenback lost ground... Read more


Weekly Dispatch - November 12, 2019

"Going Up"

The Old English word “up” has a myriad of definitions, but last week Mr. Market was quite happy with the sense noted above. US equity markets all hit record highs as investors cried “risk on”, while the greenback rallied... Read more

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