Financial Institutions

Providing international payments and foreign exchange services to customers can be daunting for financial institutions. AscendantFX is working hard to build meaningful partnerships with financial institutions to help acquire and maintain their customers’ full wallet-share.


Whether it’s due to logistical issues, lack of resources, or insurmountable costs, many financial institutions (FIs) struggle to justify adding international payments and foreign exchange (FX) to their menu of services. International services may be the smallest piece of business any FI has with their client. However, without this piece, the clients that need them are forced to look elsewhere or split business with a competitor. AFX provides integrated, customized, compliant solutions which open the door for FIs to provide seamless international services to their customers.


Proven Track Record

We know what it takes to be successful, and our partnership with over 2000 financial institutions is proof of that.


Become a Total Solution

Our technology, combined with our highly-experienced team, ensures payments are routed and delivered in the most effective, advantageous way possible. Ensure your most profitable customers don’t have to turn to your competitors. Payee Intelligence™ gives your staff the knowledge they need to send payments accurately. 


Increase Wallet-Share

Build your revenue stream and protect your customer relationships with our cost-saving measures and transparent pricing. Clients in need of international services often have other banking needs that include lines of credit, credit cards, loans, accounts, payroll, etc. 


Dedicated Customer Support

From day one, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who is always available to provide you with expert guidance as an extension of your client service team. No waiting on hold and no call centers: you’ll have one point of contact with in-depth knowledge of international payments.


Turnkey Set Up

You choose your level of integration. Regardless of whether you prefer manual input, file upload, or a direct integration through AFXLink (our API solution), your customized integration can be implemented into your core platform in days, not months. 


Security and Compliance

Our compliance team is comprised of seasoned experts and even ex-law enforcement. We combine their expertise with a variety of rigorous controls and procedures to protect your customers' information from start to finish. We won’t replace your compliance team: we’ll enhance it.

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