Get Real Transparency

Get Real Transparency

Protect your bottom line by managing the risks associated with currency fluctuation.

Foreign currency rates change multiple times a minute making it impossible to predict with any certainty what your revenues and costs will be. AscendantFX uses a combination of tools and proactive service to help minimize your risks.

Fixed-Dated and Option-Dated Forwards:

Currency conversions that are only completed in the Spot Market can eat into your profit margins. Forward contracts help our customers know exactly how much they will be paying or receiving at a future date. A hedging strategy may sound daunting, but not to worry. At AscendantFX, your dedicated account manager will help you navigate through all of the options at your disposal. We offer both types of foreign currency Forward contracts for terms of up to one year.


FX Options like forward contracts can protect a company’s profits against adverse currency movements but provide flexibility in giving partial or full advantage of favourable movements.  Work with your dedicated account manager to find a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

Daytime or Overnight Orders:

AscendantFX offers you the flexibility of placing either a daytime or overnight order. If you have some flexibility on the timing of your payment, simply tell your account manager your target rate and if the exchange rate hits that rate, your payment will be booked. You can put in a bid order throughout the day and night.

Let’s Work Together.

We’d love to show you how you can access your account through mobile or tablet 24/7.

Let’s Work Together.

Whitepaper: Wire or ACH?

Download our whitepaper to learn about the benefits of sending your electronic payments as a Wire vs. ACH.

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