Simplify International Payments

Meet Deadlines

Have complete power over your funds with APay. Sending time sensitive funds internationally is something we take as seriously as you do.

AscendantFX is a technology company that specializes in international payments. Our in-house development team is committed to constantly improving our solutions. Need something that is not currently available on our system? Our team is committed to developing a solution that fits your specific needs.


Outgoing Payments:

Eliminate the headaches associated with sending payments around the world.
  • Payments On Time: Whether you are paying employees, suppliers, partners, or subsidiaries, you can count on AscendantFX to make sure your payment reaches its destination on time
  • Global Reach: Send payments in over 140 currencies to over 235 countries
  • Manage Payment Instructions: We have a global bank database available to assist you in sending your payments correctly
  • Payment types: Send payments via wire, SEPA, ACH, EFT or draft. AscendantFX is always adding currencies to our low-value payment types to save you money when sending payments
Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors

  • Correct payment instructions using our account validators
  • Use the SMART upload functionality to update payment records

Holding Accounts:

Do you have incoming and outgoing payments in the same currency?

Use AscendantFX’s holding accounts to avoid opening costly foreign currency accounts around the globes. You can deposit funds into these accounts or make payments from this account as you need. You can even exchange any amount to your home currency at your convenience.

Let’s Work Together.

We’d love to show you how you can access your account through mobile or tablet 24/7.

Let’s Work Together.

Whitepaper: Wire or ACH?

Download our whitepaper to learn about the benefits of sending your electronic payments as a Wire vs. ACH.

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